104 S Mamede de Janas

Room 104 - St. Mamede of Janas

Sintra is a land of cults and rites. In Janas, the pagan devotion to Diana - goddess of Hunt - and the christian devotion to St. Mamede, join in a circular chapel. According to legend, it was built with a rectangular plan, but 3 times appeared destroyed.


105 Foral de Sintra

Room 105 - Sintra’s Charter

The first King of Portugal gave the municipality of Sintra a Charter in 1154, when the town counted only with 30 people.


106 Convento dos Capuchos

Room 106 - Capuchos Convent

Also known as the Cork Convent, Capuchos was founded in 1560 and was inhabited by Franciscan monks. One of the characteristics that stands out is its impressive divestment, according the poverty vows of the Order.


Room 204 - St. Euphimia

According to the legend, a long time ago lived in Sintra a princess named Eufemia, who fell in love with a humble boy. However, her father, the King, forbade the relationship, and the boy was hit by an infectious disease. The Princess rapidly went to meet him at the top of the mountain, and washed his whole body with the spring water that existed there and her lover was cured. As a sign of the miracle was built the shrine dedicated to her.


205 Serra da Lua

Room 205 - Mountain of the Moon

Sintra was known as the "Mountain of the Moon" by several peoples who inhabited it. The very name Sintra means moon.


206 Misticismo 1

Room 206 - Mysticism

Sintra is a place of worship and myth, an esoteric and mystical location. Quinta da Regaleira is the epitome of the mysticism surrounding Sintra, and its highest symbol is: the Initiation Well...